My Mystery

The mystery Has guided me To scenes of horror, And places of great majesty. For each place I’ve been guided I’ve maintained propriety. Even with anxiety, I remain present for each breath. Until I meet my death. I remember mermaids Saving me from fate. To die that day was not my grace. As remaining in […]

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Called Home

My imagination travels to real spaces. Gates, libraries, viewed astrally. Even sacred faces. However, I have called her home To do some energy work within the body. I imagine the damage. I imagine the repairs. I become my most developed, happy, and healthy self. And my reality becomes me.

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Captured Imagination

Feet settled on still ground. Apparently I’m glad That I’m still around. Visions of a beautiful future Were once what kept me afloat. It wasn’t until hope’s lantern was abandoned That I found the past is hard to tote. I unpacked my bags, For all the world to see. And I left them to float […]

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I don’t feel uplifted. My chest feels constricted. By wire, by lace. By this role I chose to embrace.

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A Girl and the World

There once was a girl Who played a game With her entire world. The game, the education, the trials. She skipped among tribulations. She shattered under tribulations. She sang sweetly through the sulfur haze. She choked on the sulfur haze. Much in a daze, Most of the time, She will abide By her own damn […]

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The Tea

The tea I made for me Speaks to my lack of consistency, CPTSD, Autistic, Bipolar, Borderline, ADHD. Are all questions I needed to know. But in my mind, I’ve let it go. Satan Worshipper, Catholic, Pagan, Witch.   All the names I wish to ditch. To everyone I’ve met Who has wished me well, I […]

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Life and Art

So very relaxed All on my own So very present Am I. Aware of my shadow self Aware of my flaws Aware of my tendency to follow the laws. I am a being. I have the power to change the world For my own benefit, For the benefit of everyone. Frequencies, vibrations, Your own internal […]

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Moving On

The Sunday after A tumultuous storm Brings gay laughter From those who would mourn. A gathering of kin, With flowers galore. Dying is no sin, And now there’s an ether to explore.

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As the dawn breaks through Another cloudy sky I’m remembering “I”. Who I was before the throws Of life scared me So much so that I escaped to the sea. All I found were mermaids And every day my memories fade Of their cool bodies and jellyfish hair. They really decided to care. And then […]

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Sage Green

Sage green Is most comforting to me. It reminds me of the forest Where I used to rest And find refuge from Those with extra-large thumbs. In palmistry that means That the ego has the reigns And is running the show Without regard for how it goes. Sage green Saving me from those Who were […]

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Yellow means that I am mellow, Happy for a time. I process energy from the universe, Efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly. Knowing well how to manage Every advantage That I’ve been gifted. And no, it is not thrifted, This yellow that I see Is originally me.

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All of the nice things That I’ve yearned for so long Are flowing directly To me. It is not a game of ping-pong, Or a tit for tat. It’s more of a flowing river And I can get directly Behind that.

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Contemplating When

A ballpoint pen Is really quite divine When you want to spend a little time In your den Contemplating when The expansion will arrive. And when it does come in, Where will I be then? I’m guessing at home or the gym. Somewhere nearby, So I don’t have far to fly When the news comes […]

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I missed you the other night When you weren’t around. I hope that you were sleeping tight And dreaming safe and sound. I forgot to tell you When I saw your face again. If I could only show you, And if I could only see, I know that we’d be friends.

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They tell me I’m mysterious, But I do not think I’m serious Enough for that. And you would think That in a blink I could disappear. I will probably never come back. My socials change As does my home address. But while I’m there I’ll overshare With a statement or two. I guess that opens […]

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On bended knee, The man gave me a daisy. In a box, passed in secret, Was a ring. I did not keep it. And then the letter, A promise for a simple life, From the men who caused me strife.

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When the binding’s worn And pages fall out I am torn By the idea of going without. On the one end I do not need to send Energy into what is old. On the other If I go without Then my little feet may get cold.

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People Pleaser

I don’t want to be A good girl no more. That’s what all Of the therapy is for. Trained to be a people pleaser. Waiting hand and foot On every geezer Who may have looked my way. I give myself all I need Before I give to others Now. It is not out of greed […]

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Not Anymore

Rolling in a void. Happy. Floating. Reflecting gently As if watching fish in a pond. Of you I am dreadfully fond. Our time hasn’t been long. It won’t be any longer. We were friends and lovers We were everything to me. In order to find myself I need to let you go. In order to […]

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Meeting an Angel

I stared into the abyss of the night sky. I watched the terrible flames raise from the place that had been my hell for seven years. I pondered existence. I knew that the city had been built on the backs of those unwilling and unkind. I knew that sometime there would be divine justice. I […]

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Oh Em Gee Seriously I am thoroughly Full of vitality Gym everyday That’s where I play. People think I’m Cray-zy I’m not quite a lune Just a little out of tune Sometimes,. I go to the Boon-Docks When I go to the docks I throuw a couple Rocks I say a prayer or three And […]

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Bad Bitch

Feeling like a whole snack. I’ve got my confidence back. Walking straight, walking tall, I give everything my all. Happy with the way I look, Not quite an open book. Keeping a cloud of mystery, Around those near to me. Full of bad bitch energy.

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Red Nails, Running down a back.   Red Flush, Running in my cheeks. Red Bra, Running to be undone. Red Woman, Running from the one.

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I am Eternal. I am Ephemeral.

Singing Sweetly into the ether With spirit as my witness, I am eternal. Warming my hands on a heater In the cold midwinter iciness I am ephemeral. Dancing wildly in good time With spirit as my guide, I am eternal. Being the victim of a crime In the inner city I hide. I am ephemeral. […]

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Should I Let Go?

Should I let go Of all of the old, Or is some worth keeping? I feel like sneaking An unhealed pattern or two Past spirit. But I know that won’t do. Change is hard sometimes, And sometimes I would rather keep it. Spirit hears my sneak like windchimes. No subtlety there, In my big gazing […]

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The Kava Bar

The sun strikes low And I’m ready to go To the kava bar. It is quite far The music in my car Keeps me company. The people I meet tonight, Could be any.  I’m rolling in bright, Been doing my energetic work, Every day. The dog sees me and barks. I made it to the […]

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Kayaking and Hijacking

I was supposed to go Kayaking, But it started raining, So I walked in the rain Instead. Pitter patter on my hood I know I’ve been doing good. Instead Of writhing in pain. So tired of gaining For it all to be hijacked.

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Big Steps

The meanings of the numbers Are becoming clear to me. I don’t feel the rumbly hunger Anymore. Abundance is my reality I am worthy of all of me. I claim my creative power. Deep within, nothing is sour. I’ve done all the clearing. I am functional. The pain no longer searing. My blessings are punctual. […]

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Childhood Gone

Dewy Mornings A thing of my past. Dooly mourning The loss of a childhood Gone too fast. Maybe I could’ve, maybe I should Give to her Everything that I am. Give into the stir Of life and its jams.

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Step Stone Reality

Just above me, within my Imagination, lay a path. Always before, always behind, Sometimes stable, sometimes foggy, Now it’s rather muggy. Always willing in my mind, To take the next step. Leading to the steps in my life. Operating at this lighter depth Probably decreases strife. Keeps me acting in kind With where I’m meant […]

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Spending my time Spending dimes, Studying stars, Staring at nice cars. Dreaming for the day Daring to play Doing what I want today.

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Made it Round the Bend

Sometimes, Happiness, success, and fulfillment Are right around the corner. Sometimes, Darkness, fear, and military instillment Lay just behind. My ego now defined, Chiseled into the ideal form That my soul had in mind. My mind not consumed by storms. Acting in kind With those in my sphere. I have loved ones near. I am […]

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Happy to be Here

Shifted perspective Action effective. No more running I’m finding angels. I’m using my cunning To speak with the archangel. Making new friends On the physical plane. Happy to be here at last. I have made my amends. With the gift of my brain, I won’t tolerate being harassed. A new attitude Is my gift to […]

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The Dams

The dams are breaking I’m not shaking In fear. The dams are releasing My abundance is increasing With ease. The dams are falling No more squalling In scarcity. The dams crashed And I am unabashedly Happy, free, and financially independent.

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Leo Moon Prayer

May I develop into my best self. May I not think I am better than. May I not think that I am less than. May I learn how to run joyfully into my own arms. May I always look forward to May. May I be a strong Queen and a loving influence. May is determined […]

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Crossroads Youtube Livestream

I am a member of the Spiritual Inspiration Warriors with my friend, Brendan who had me on the first show to talk about what the Crossroads Project is. The Crossroads is visiting and experiencing places where people have had sightings of angels, or high vibrational entities of some sort, and then reporting on them. It […]

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Oh right on, That’s the way to sing the song. You’re so great You’re so chill Omg I might just spill. A trauma story, One or two. Just to get a judge of who You think you are In my stories. I know a compassionate listener Without a savior complex Is a golden thing. Oh […]

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Break away

Getting deeper Into my subconscious. Into my unihipipili, As the Hawaiians say. The entity that operates on memory. The entity that operates on ancestral patterns. The inner child. She is known to be wonderful, and beautiful, and creative, and strong. She is known to me. She calls me mommy. I’m mothering myself. On very deep […]

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I Tell My Younger Self

I tell my younger self. To do the things that people do, It will be easy. To wash the car And then drive it far. It will be easy To brush your teeth And get enough to eat. It will be easy To wake in the morning And know that good things Are coming.

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A New Life

I’ll be getting better recording equipment soon! Enjoy some of what I have accomplished after three years of writing and playing 🙂

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Balance Seen and Unseen

Sight of the unseen Is a balancing beam. On the one you need to know what the guides are saying. On the other there is a need to block those preying. The astral isn’t scary. The woods aren’t unknown. This is a place your soul was sown. In the space between the stars. In the […]

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Passion lies Where the light of a candle flies. The candle being the heart. And the light being the electromagnetic field That the heart creates. I say it very plainly So that all who look may see.

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