Out of the fog I am raised. Through the fire I was hazed. Into the system, I have gone. Walking to justice, Thy will is done.

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Road weary I rest my head In a humble hostel bed. Nothing like the traveling days, Expansive beauty in my gaze. Imagining other modes of travel. Missing horses, Missing trains, Looking forward to my Tesla’s reigns. No more running out of fear. Only travel. Never letting my mind Unravel.

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Humans and Time

Over the Oceans I do sway. Into bodies I promote decay. In the clocks they track me. Under thermodynamic guises, I cool tea. Outside of nothing apparent. Out of typical logic transparent.   On a bad day I am slow. Off duties, forget me and go. By and by they curse my name. For I […]

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Stranger in different places Seeing familiar faces That I’ve never met before. Everyplace I’ve been, Everyplace I’ll go, Not sure if I should Hit the door. Not sure if I should Try and talk more. I wanna make friends. I wanna read people. I wanna community. Don’t think I’ll settle, ‘Cause that’s worse than Sex […]

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Polar War

I have been running for a very long time. I love tests of endurance. And oh, my soul has taken advantage of that love. I have endured. My foundations shattered time and time again. No such thing as security, as safety. My old patterns are crumbling. I feel like I am bending. Every day, I […]

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Brain as Reciever

Fantasies unwind Through the tissues of   My mind. Broadcasting from somewhere, I find stories. I make them exist there, On my page. All I can hope Is they ripen with age. No expectations Only happy salutations To my new ideas.

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Flawed Programming

Be a good citizen And watch your television. Be a good girl And don’t cry while I do your curls. Be a good woman And service your man. Be a good maiden And keep a tidy den. Be a good mother And love deeply, without smother. Be a good crone And never condone The youth […]

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WIld Things

I see trees The trees sees me. Erie nights with Scary sights. Unknown spirits. Can disturb my spirit Or make it right. The woods is wild Especially for a child.

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Fuck it I’m not a fighter I’m a fawn. I break all my lovers down. Then they put themselves together Better. I want to break that pattern, Cause I always break myself harder. I want a community. Always a black sheep, Magnet for trouble. Finally reaching privilege. Happier. Discovering myself A little speck of glitter […]

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Roses bloom, Roses fade, Roses like my serenade. Roses laugh, Roses play, Roses take the pain away.

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Rainy drive, Just the road and car and I. Rainy life, Just the path and body and I.

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Kava Kava

Oh kava kava, My drug of choice, You are friggin noice. Oh kava kava, Relaxing elixir, You keep me calm in a twister. Oh kava kava, My favorite drug, Feels like a hug.

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Distanced Lover

Freshly met, Longly known. In conversations through a crystal A friendship is fatefully sown. Long hair and chapped lips, A lover again longly missed. I remember clearly, The next time that we kissed.

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The Search for Self

Running up a cliff face, Never giving up the chase, Of my body and my shadow. Different faces running scattered, Enough to leave my ego tattered. Afraid of what I’ll find. And I am running to my soul, In stillness I feel her pull. My mind is full of echos Of memories of meadows, And […]

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Building a Life

Making a life Is not without strife. Making a life Is something done repeatedly Through the ages. We make lives Again and again. And I say, The younger we are when we learn And we understand, That our Outer World, Is our Internal Reflection The better. Because from there, One may build a life Of […]

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They Aren’t Kids.

They aren’t kids Cause they grew up fast. They aren’t kids Because a pedophile grebbed ‘em By the ass. They aren’t kids Cause the money is low And there’s more to feed. They aren’t kids ‘Cause they’ve gone Hungry and cold. They aren’t adults either. They don’t know How to feel safe. How to feel […]

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In my hands I find Urges from my mind. One hand containing cloth, The other poised with a pen, All of my hobbies coming around again. I know not to multi-task, But I have many un-done tasks. The trick is Making time for each one. Means many tasks quickly done. Twenty-five and five With those […]

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Awake I lie Hoping Again for a dream In which my lover is seen. Awake I lie Dreaming Again for a time When yours and my limbs Are intertwined. Awake I lie Writing Again for the hope That what I lay writing Manifests in my mind.

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Adored (2022 vs 2020)

Adored, 2022 What is there to love? Oh, I am as peaceful as a dove. What is there to cherish? Oh, I’m the flipped coin   Of Nightmarish. Why am I a fantasy? Oh, they never really see Me. Why am I adored? Oh, with love the men Can’t be bored. So instead they say […]

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I could with A million reasons Why you and I Are meant to fly. I know deep yonder That I am a saunder- Ing into some love Into some pain. From which I’ll gain Some experience Of my beautiful Reflection.

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Falling for Me

Falling in love with Who I am. Always knowing that I can. Affirmations abound, Assuring me that Decisions are sound. Falling in partnership With all of my facets. Never doubting or degrading Myself, my Higher-Self, My Child. And still Loving that I’m Wild.  

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Let You Go

I want to let you go Because we are no longer In flow. Every conversation Feels like pulling teeth. You never show interest In my mighty feats. I try to stay connected. I don’t know what to do, But I won’t be brought Down to you. I love you And that is why I want […]

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No More

We can be friends, But we are no longer lovers. That’s because I love myself the most. I don’t want to feel bad When I get off the phone. I won’t condone Self-made misery. I am refusing to participate In the illusion of suffering. I was betting on our potential. You didn’t meet me on […]

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Writing on the Walls

I was talking to a wise Mr. Wizard yesterday and he told me that in life you are all alone in a white padded room writing on the walls. That writing is your reality. It was a metaphor that got to me. It inspired me to write in my notebook like I was writing on […]

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Jesus taught us On this day That death is an Illusion. He left his body And his women disciples Anointed His body. Mary Magdalene Caught his blood In her chalice. She transmuted dark forces So that her love Could live again. So that his spirit could resurrect And teach us That death is an Illusion.

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DBT From a Patient’s Perspective

I recently finished an 8-week program for Dialectal Behavior Therapy, and this is what they taught us in group in a nutshell. DBT from a Patient’s Perspective Distress Tolerance Mindfulness Interpersonal Effectiveness Emotion Regulation Distress Tolerance: Sometimes we find ourselves in a crisis. A panic attack, a bout of depression, a spell of mania are […]

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Lighting and Joy

Lighting and Birth. Pain and unexpected growth. Chasing lightning, No time for mirth. That’s where I used to be, Hiding from happy aspects Of me. Now I’m swimming in a joyous sea Because Live, Grow, Develop Is what I live by. It’s easy to forget That joy is a tie Into Life. Keeping vitality… Joy […]

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Day and Night

On the Equinox I see The golden light Of the trees in their roots Balanced with The golden light in the leaves. Once one sees, they believe. On the Equinox, my scythe Of harvest rests at my boots. For this day I rest my fight, And have chats with a tree. What I hint at […]

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Roaming through the Hollers, Empty mind staring back, Snacking on Sardines, The Trees Speak to me. Interested in their words, Nothing is impossible. Going nowhere slow.

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Writer’s Un-block

My heart flies No longer running in circles With the knowledge of the skies. I see the exits. On my roundabouts. Never picking to hex it. Hex being a verb Of malicious intent Always one that makes me perturbed. But the roundabouts Where decisions are considered, Places where I play about. They’re a concept in […]

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Evolution of Trust

I’ve written three poems on trust and someone wrote one for me. I’m sharing them here with approximate dates so the evolution of what trust means to me can be understood. *Trust, 2019, by me to a former lover* Trust I want to trust you again  But I’m scared.  I love your sweet words  You’re […]

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Finding Truth in Finding Myself

Compulsively searching For what is true, For what is I, For what is beautiful, For truth is beauty. Restlessly knowing That there’s more to know. Restlessly swaying, Restlessly running with the wind, Knowing that I must lose myself To find truth Of what I Am. For I am Not old constructs. I am Not what […]

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Abundance Prayer

Abundance For today I pray That abundance finds me well In the throws of life. For today I pray That prosperity is mine Held and known by me. For today I pray In the form of currency, That plenty finds me. For today I pray That scarcity is starved dead, And success is grown. For […]

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The void is the womb A space of creation and hope A space to find you. The void is the dark A space of the unknown, fear A space to face self. The void is justice A space of quiet judgement A space where all’s known. From Sammi’s writing prompt 17:

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Colors Red for Blood, for how we are encoded to the earth. Our Body Orange for Sunlight, for how we are sustained. Our Passions. Yellow for Prana, for how we exchange energy. Our Relationships. Green for the flora, for how we love. Our Health. Blue for the Skies, for how we speak. Our Voice. Indigo […]

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Confidence is brewing And I might know What I’m doing Don’t got no time To go slow. Running in the streets No longer in the woods Faces they meet me Where the trees used to be. Talking at the bars No longer in the woods Folks don’t bite back Though a wolf surely would. Walking […]

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Pay attention to the Body. Pay attention to Thoughts. Pay attention to Divine Wisdom. Know Thyself In three forms; The Maiden, the Mother, the Crone, The Son, the Father, the Holy Ghost, The Inner Child, the Ego, the Higher-Self. Everyone operating In folds of three, In step with what must be done. In step with […]

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Have you ever seen, In the Heart of the Mind, The Great Tapestry Unwind? Great Tapestry Guiding Toes, To where the fuck they need to go. Great Tapestry Where Source resides, In your skirts I like to hide. Standing softly in the center, Great Tapestry of Fates Watching Golden Hues saturated, In Love.

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Always Anxiously Existing, Baring my fears on my sleeve, Carefully navigating life, Damning my peace. Every person seems a threat, For every action has effects. Growing in Scarcity, Hardly getting by. I run every chance I get. Just trying to stay sane. Killing myself with Cortisol. Living in a sunless haze. Mourning my childhood. Never […]

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Source is the source For Light. Source is the source For Dark. I pray to a great Divine Couple Splashing in Source, For everything to go Divine Events In Divine Timing. Giving lessons Light and Dark, So my anxiety can park Somewhere far away.

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Dithering in doubt Indecision, I have a bout. Signs guiding one way, Logic, A complete other. Choices are mine, To make. Not sure which direction To Take.

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