Photos from backstock, 12.29.21


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These are some of my favorite images that I’ve managed to save over the years in my google drive. I have so many that I’ll probably do more photo “backstock” posts. This is a good introductory walk through some of my photography journey. I don’t edit or filter my photos at all, I don’t have the patience and they look good as is.

This was probably the first photo I took that make me feel like a pro, circa 2012, near Hodgenville, KY, before I went to Gatton
I took this photo on a road trip in the western American desert somewhere, 2016, after graduation and before bootcamp
In 2018 I was living in Charleston, SC, this image was taken at one of the state or national parks outside the city.
My sister Graduated in 2019, I had to be around for senior pictures and life changes 🙂
A spider, probably upset about the morning dew in her house, photographed in 2020 at my parent’s property in Hart County, KY
Again, my parent’s woods in 2020. Stuff really does look magic sometimes when you look just right.

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