Feeling Trapped 

As much as I’m told

The world is my oyster 

I feel trapped in an oyster shell 

A hard shell of calcium 

Of rules 

Of limited options 

Of poverty 

Of “medicine”

Of drugs

A calcified pineal gland 

A trap not entirely of my own making 

A trap nonetheless

I try to outrun it

But I find myself trapped again

The same situations


At home. 

With a man.

With a family. 

Never quite free.

I’m going to break the trap someday

But for now I’ll saw away 

At the bars 

Slowly but surely

Breaking myself free 

(Mathieu’s Reply)

First of I don’t understand this

( like most of Shakespeare)

How something crimped and salty

Could represent ce qu’est la vie ( sakaylavee)

I think he means it fits in your hand

If you know how to handle it

You may just find beauty

Now not all oyster have a pearl

I would rather use a pineapple

It’s rough spiky uninviting

But still is sweet and tasty

The way you think of free

Has gotta be quiet lonely

To me one is only free

To set their own rules

Their own limitations

I call it ground

Or else I’d draft away

Ones only free

Build their own home

It’s got four wall

It’s not a trap

The doors unlocked

There is no key

To being free

Even Olive is trapping me

But it’s a trap I walk in freely

But it’s a trap I can’t escape

Simply because I’m not trying 

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