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I hear frequencies sometimes

In my inner ears 

I get in a bath 

I get comfortable 

As comfortable as I can get 

I lower my head into the water 

I submerse my ears 

I tilt my head 

To get out all the bubbles 

And then I just float 

I listen

The water speaks 

The water sings to me 

It starts as a grumble 

A low growl if you will

I’m reflecting a low frequency 

I wriggle my body 

I let out all the hurt 

I let out discomfort 

I let out stress 

I let the water rock my ears 

I start to sway 

I feel my body 

I feel my hair 

I feel how lovely I am 

I feel how much I love my body 

I feel how much I love myself 

I still 

I listen to the water again 

The sound is much brighter 

Much happier

Celebratory even 

And now I am re-calibrated 

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