A Walk in The Park


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Whenever I feel especially restless, I like to go on photography walks. The connection to my body and the earth helps me ground, and the chance at catching something neat on the camera keeps me going. I have a rich language of personal symbolism, which I use to interpret what appears on my path. What a dragonfly means to me may be different from what it means to you! Looking at these photos and my interpretations in retrospect, I find this to be an excellent method of divination and simplified storytelling.

Pink and green, tranquility, growth, balance

In June of 2020 I committed to my healing journey and self-development with a good teacher.

Strange Berries, Judgement

I had to choose between the lifestyle I had been living.

Again, strange berries option two. Judgment.

Or a new one.

Tree with quality sitting spots, home

I found a new home, here in Florida.

Light on the forest floor, rebirth, hope

Where there was more “light on the forest floor” for me to grow with.

Lichen, organization, making use of the knowledge of the past, teamwork across borders

I worked with a new community

Dragonfly, Grace, Practice, Success

I practiced and meditated and journaled and sang and ate and exercised and talked and did everything I thought was right for my healing.

A sickness overtaking

Because I was very sick

A sickness in retreat

But now, I’m doing much better.

Delicate new growth

And because of all of that, I’m growing in new ways.


I have a strong NeptuneUranus theme in my astrology, which means I want visions and I want them now! That can be a real issue with addiction. Now I have the clarity to have beautiful, real, and grounded, amazing experiences.

Webs of intent, choices, fate

There are different options, roads of fate I may travel at this point.

Kentucky state flower, everything is alright at home

I have laid the foundations for a good future, by healing the wounds of my past.

Racoon, use your wits

Take some time to assess the situation, and when an opportunity looks good, take it.

Make a change

Not entirely sure how to interpret the last photo, but it was an opportunity I seized seconds after turning away from the raccoon.

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