The Promise Of Spring (Imbolc)

I am still Celebrating Imbolc, My favorite Holiday. Unfortunately, I was in the hospital on the first and second of the month. This year, the holiday moved me in ways that I never could have predicted. My traditions surrounding Imbolc, or Brigid’s day, are simple. I light a candle in the window, preferably facing East towards the rising sun. The candle is meant to act as a lighthouse in the fog of winter, so that Brigid may find your home and breathe spring into it. I made some art while I was in the Hospital, which follows.

This was the last thing I drew at the Hospital, and my favorite. It’ s chalk pastel and a black marker on printer paper. I wanted to show how we are the center of our own experience. The flower is fibbonacci spiraling out, counterclockwise. The energy that it uses is spiraling in from the universe, clockwise.

I really like bears, and I wanted to give this one on a coloring page a fun paint job.

This one is more personal, but basically The Treble (spirit) is grounded and in that process, expressed, with the Bass.

Frida Khalo is very brave. Thinking about her helps me remember that it is bravery to be yourself. Her strength inspires me.

A Poem I wrote for Imbolc 2022 as I watched the sun rise. The capitalization in this one is intentional and important.

And Away She Goes Hunting
For Wealth Unknown
To Learn what is cold.
She goes from world to world;
Skipping Lightly on the Spheres
Saying Hush Girl,
Don’t Let the men Find me.

Blessed Be everyone, I hope Spring always finds you when you’re ready to leave winter.

7 thoughts on “The Promise Of Spring (Imbolc)

  1. Hello there, I’ve really enjoyed reading through your work and musings. I’m looking to make some friends who are spiritually inclined and would love to get to know you more. If you’re interested, feel free to email me here ~

    Blessed. ♥️🙏🏻


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