Sunday in the Neighborhood


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Pink and Green and colors that I associate with organic growth and healing. The pink rose is a gesture of friendliness.
Chains will rust and fall apart eventually on their own, you can act as a catalyst to dissolve them.
One of the very few “weeds” I could find in my well-manicured neighborhood. It looks to be in the same Family as a Morning Glory, but I am not sure of how to identify the species. I found it intertwined in a bush, I guess they couldn’t bring themselves to remove such a beautiful weed. The buds and petals are very thin and sensitive. It’s one lucky plant and I am one lucky young woman.
The horse barn at sunset. The horses are safe, secure, well-fed, and well-cared for.
This is a leaf from a hardy landscaping bush. The colors call to mind security and healthy relationships with others.
Birds on a line always look like they’re waiting for something to me.
Peace Lilys will always let you know when they need water.
A waxing moon. I hope that all of the seeds I planted on the new moon grow in a way that is for my highest good.

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