A poem That Struck Me


Written by:

She had eyes like an old Tennessee country road, familiar, but dangerous during the storms.

She was the calm before the storm, having weathered many. Experience has her ready for the next one.

Hopefully they stayed away while drifting on the trade winds. She had a laugh like a hot day on a lazy river in Montana. Enjoyable.

A spirit, wild, like a day on An Alaskan shoreline during the end of fall.

But when wronged, She becomes the southern edge of a Kansas thunderstorm. Beware. You might be the one wearing the ruby slippers at the end of the day.

Her past….South Hemisphere, maybe like a Juarez, blistering nothing violent town, tucked on a hillside. But within sight of the promised land. She escaped and landed just short of Hell.

Broken once, like a wild North Dakota horse, once captured, broken bridled and set free….tamed and wisened now like Osaka, maybe Tibet, learned, she chose sanctuary and peace.

For now, she remains like Yellowstone or Bali, serene, beautiful, settled, but powerful undertones…

Remarkable like most want to be. History written and unwritten she controls her destiny. Like San Andreas you never know what lies beneath.

But be assured don’t try to stop her now. She is the Colorado River and shares…. Freely and wild in the blue skies.

She has the wherewithal to be whatever she chooses to be. Like every woman who has seen it all, her new motto is now, I don’t have to take it at all.

KTG 2021


This poem by Kevin Gotch made my heart stop, because I realized I have earned the admiration of a woman. I have learned what it means to be a woman. We weather storms. We survive. We nurture. Thank you, Kevin, for reminding me that I am also an inspiration.

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