Anubis Taught Me


Written by:

I met Anubis.

I glimpsed at God.

When I was Dancing

And brushed a Beetle off my arm.  

The beetle led me

To Riddles and DayDreams.

Teaching me History.

Women died in childbirth.

The men Lived Longer.

He’s reteaching me.


The Non-Legacy Kind.

The HiStories stored in all of my Grandmothers’ Blood.

Spilled on Cotton sheets.

Spilled on Cotton Fields.

Spilled on Front-Lines.

My Family was Sharecroppers.

My Family was Nurses.

My Family died for our Country.

He showed me Life

From the perspectives

Of the Men who Loved her.

Of the Men who didn’t.

How could they Take Her Son.

How could they Rape Her Daughter.

Willful Ignorance.

It is only Bliss.

For as long as you can Run.

I know a runners High.

I know from miles

Done in old shoes.

Ignoring pain is easy.

If you don’t see it as your own.

End Poem, some inspirational thought patterns that got me to that work is below.

Anubis is a canine. The featured photo is my dog, Snuffles, who died this past fall. Animals have a group soul, and I love canines. I see canines. I resonate with them, without becoming them. This is a human gift. We can speak many languages, if we move our spirit through Gaia.

Rest In Peace Snuffles. We will find each other again. A Different Time, a Different Body, ultimately Familiar. I will not mourn your loss for long, for you are resting. Your body was in pain. It was your time. I will honor your memory in my heart until we meet again.

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