Red Moon Blue Sun 


Written by:

In the time of the red moon

And the time of the blue sun 

She and he are equals 

They share in warmth 

They share in intuitive knowing 

Knowing themselves 

Knowing the other 

If knowing is loving 

Well I know you 

I know your goodness 

I know your loyalty 

I know you get stuck 

But you want to understand.

Not all that meets the eye is true. 

Not all you do not see is false.

The only truth is that you and I exist. 

And we can exist in freedom 

To be here in freedom with me 

You must first let go of your chains.

They are yours, you hold them

As long as you hold them you cannot hold me.

You have the key

To release your shackles 

It is the same key 

As to get to me. 

You are a loving God

Love does not punish

Love does not envy

Love wants to see

And then love sees 

See me?

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