Waking Up


Written by:

I have woken up many times 

To often it is to see darkness 

The darkness of your lifestyle 

The darkness of others 

The darkness is myself.

But then sometimes I awake 

And I see blinding light 

The natural order 

The power of a good deed 

The love of a friend.

And awake now I dance 

From blinding light to depths of darkness 

Trying so hard to find balance

Trying so hard to find peace 

Trying so hard to make a difference 

Trying so hard in so many ways 

Step by step I walk my path 

I trust the universe to guide me. 

I know I’m just where I’m supposed to be 

Even though is uncomfortable

Even though it hurts. 

It is beautiful and wonderful. 

*Pain is unavoidable, suffering is optional*

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