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This is the kind of tired that coffee just can’t fix 

The kind of tired that comes after years of fighting 

Fighting for myself and for a better world 

My tank is full of prana 

But I don’t want to move 

I feel purposeless 

Though I know I have purpose 

I feel directionless 

Though I know I’m where I’m meant to be 

I feel tired 

Though I know the best is yet to come 

I want some recognition for the work that I’ve done 

I want some encouragement for all the work that is left 

I want to join hands 

And walk with those like-minded souls 

Who know that life is just a journey 

Who know that life is just our chance to grow. 

I want to grow with those who are growing just like me, In their own way

I want to fight with those who are fighting just like me, In their own way

Taking every chance to step forward 

Even when it looks like a large step back to untrained eyes 

I know I’m ready 

Ready to remember who I am 

What I’ve done and where I’ve been 

I let go of my dreams again 

I have no plans for the future again 

But not in a hopeless way. 

In a trusting way. 

Things never really change, though they look quite different. 

  • *Attachments keep us from achieving connection with our crown, accepting death and loss and separation as part of Divine Planning can ease the mourning process and leave you with an empty sheet of paper, on which to write your destiny. *

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