I’m so tired

I’m in Pain

I dunno when

I’ll be home again


Living on the road

Stayin in rooms

I know my life

I touchin the Blues


All the hues of blue

Running through me

I dunno when

I’ll feel Yellow Again



I know the Void

My oldest Friend

I dunno when

I’ll leave her again



Don’t tip your hat

I know who I be

I ain’t no fat man

No cigars for me

Just a lonely road

Until I meet a friend



Then they go and

Leave me

Back a-void I go

I dunno when

I’ll be home again

4 thoughts on “Hurtin’

  1. word-for-word-bar-for-bar with hooks attached
    bridging the gaps between chorus, verse, *bridge* will make you rich
    in song form but wealthy in Hip-Hip jewel droppin *&* poppin’!
    If you don’t know how much multi-talent you possess

    Liked by 1 person

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