Getting Along 


The promise of winter in the air 

The promise of struggle ahead and behind

But what is life 

But a struggle

Struggling means you’re learning 

Learning lessons that can only be learned 

On the messy playground called life.

The promise of cold

Nips at my toes

And I relish the last warm rays of the sun 

The same way I relish the last cool days of spring 

Relish in every moment

Relish in every lesson. 

Prepare your mind 

And even the darkest of winters won’t last forever 

And knowing that makes them easier.

The brightest of summers are fleeting too

And knowing that makes them more precious.

I think that I like most others, 

Prefer the spring and the fall 

When things are not terrible 

Things are not perfect 

But you are perfectly getting along.      

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