Love Highways 2.22.22


*it’s a lover’s moon

hearts all aglow

signals in-between*

This is a work inspired by the above prompt, found at

I have been learning

How to love


My God

I never lost the love for my Goddess

I never lost the awe for the Moon.

I was born Perfect.

With no Guilt or shame.

I agreed as a soul,

To be filled with Demons.

I faced Religious Hatred.

I faced Jealousy.

I faced Scarcity.

I faced My Limitations.

I was filled with darkness.

And I reached the point of no return.

I reached prolonged Homelessness.

I reached prolonged Abuse.

My problems chased me in every State.

And I found love.

I found gratitude.

I was grateful for my Abuser.

He taught me that Love and Hatred,

Are Much like Tragedy and Comedy.

I find it funny now.

How such a small child

Could be filled with so much hatred.

So Quickly.

LOL, That’s some people’s goal?

I only chose that path.

For this lifetime.

Because it allowed be to see everything I need,

And nothing that I don’t.


I love Myself.

I Love You.

I was given Mentors.

They did not heal me,

But taught me that inner love heals outer experience.

As I consume their teaching,

I am Taught.

My imperfections are lovingly corrected.

By Divinity, Source.

Man and Woman,

Hand in Hand,

With me in the middle.

A little girl,

Guided into Womanhood.

As I traverse this path,

I find my heart A-Glow

And I know

That my lover’s hearts are healed within my own.

Because like Quarks

We are Connected.

The Highways of love are opening to me.

The Highways of Love are opening to the World.

Through the Moon.

Shared by two lovers.

Thousands of miles apart.

I send My Love into my Heart,

My Heart Carries it to the Moon.

My Heart Carries it to the Sun.

And it is cast down upon the Earth.

As a flood of light.

Directly to my Love.

As My tears for my Rainbow Baby.

Wash away my Guilt and Shame.

14 thoughts on “Love Highways 2.22.22

  1. This is poetry dear Brigid. Once I thought my life was hard. I went to Africa on food/water/medicine missions three times for President Clinton. I saw starvation and war. I learn, my life wasn’t so hard. I liked the poetry. You told a story of discovery. All of us must discover what is important to us. Hello from cold and chilly Michigan.

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      1. I could use a Florida vacation. But I am Grandpa. I watch three grandchildren daily dear Brigid. Daughters must work and I do enjoy my time with them. Spring is coming. The great lakes are wonderful.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Kentucky is beautiful dear Brigid. We have dandelions fields in Michigan. When we see the dandelions. We know Spring is here. The great lake of Michigan. The Ojibwa called them the Big Water. Off to work soon. I am semi-retired. I work 20 hours a week as a pharmacy manager over-night. Have some fun, enjoy the sun dear Brigid.

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      3. I could never take the sun for granted, especially this time of year when people are telling me about the cold in their regions. Good Luck on your shifts! I hope all is managed well 🙂

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  2. This poem reaches love from within and without & reaches outside of the realm to discover love out-side the box exceeding love as we know it & transcending any love we’ve experienced or observed!

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      1. I’m looking at one of the NAAA College Game *&* during commericia reading your mastepieces & responding. You got writing style, diction, class & untradtional sway!

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