I Always Wonder


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The art and practice of Wonder has gotten me through many trying times. The following is a poem about how I do it.

It’s All Good 

I always wonder 

What is the point of this?

I guess that’s why I’ve grown so much 

So quickly.

I always wonder 

How could this be done better?

I guess that’s why I’ve changed so much

So quickly..

I always wonder 

Why is this beautiful?

I guess that’s why everything seems beautiful 

Even when it’s hard. 

I always wonder.

About everything. 

And so I always find answers 

The universe is funny that way 

Why do I always feel challenged?

Because you like learning.

When will things get real good?

When you accept that things are real good now.

It’s more than, things could be worse 

It’s more hopeful than things could be better someday 

It’s accepting that situations have been, will be, and are


Simply and purely 


Even when they seem real bad

And that is because 

I am good.

For some it is different,

Because they are evil. 

That is the role they chose to play.

And for them, 

I am sorry to say

That even when things seem real good

They are 

Simply and purely 


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