Leaving Anorexia


Written by:

Goodbye Friend

I am hungry 

Deep down in my core I want more 

Down in my bones 

So close to my skin 

I know I deserve it 

I was the meal 

Now it’s my turn to feast

To battle with lions 

And eat 

Fuck, it’s almost time 

The more I think about it 

The more I want it 

I’m not sure what it is 

But it’s mine 

And it’s good 

And I’m going to fight for it 

With no danger of dying 

Because I’m stronger than my prey 

I am a huntress      

I will find the surprise

And it will satisfy 

My hunger 

My hunger that’s gnawed on my bones 

For years 

My hunger 

My oldest companion 

I think I’m ready

For you to leave for a while 

I know I’m ready for the fight 

For the feast 

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