Forecast New Moon March 2. 2022


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Vibrational Astrology Forecast for the New Moon March 2nd:

The Major themes for this new moon from a Student of VA:

The personal need for expansion through abrupt, tactile, spontaneous actions. This is a time to do the work to make your dreams come true.

There is an internal connection to the collective for those who are ready and willing to see it. The communication on very deep levels is supported by beauty, dreams, history, cycles, and experiences that are “out of this world”

The things you choose to do with this energy will have IMPACT. Not only on yourself, but on the collective.

Expect to feel energized, this energy can be channeled into Beautiful or Horrible actions, both satisfy Venus.  There is an element of Dharma or Karma at work here, be prepared to sow what you intend to reap. Be prepared for inspiration. The Moon is exactly new at 12:34:36 in Davie, FL. (EST) Plan to give yourself time that afternoon to do something tactile. I like doing art, singing, chanting, and exploring. You may like gardening, playing with animals, or being present with a lover. There is so much potential here to try something new that fits the life that you want to make for yourself on the deepest levels. Let yourself satisfy your curiosity.

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