My Ego

My Ego

My ego is weak

Some may say that’s the best way to be 

I think it’s best to have a strong And flexible ego. 

Ego defined as the conscious mind and the sense of self. 

A strong ego always holds the reigns, says what is and is not okay. 

A flexible ego listens to the subconscious,

A strong ego doesn’t let it take over. 

My situation is a strange one. I grew up a dreamer in dark lands. I often escaped to realm three. 

It’s been easy for me to travel through conscious, subconscious, and Christ conscious because my ego was never developed. 

This has it’s downfall though. 

My weak ego cannot protect me. 

My subconscious can possess me. 

So now the goal is to build a strong ego. A strong membrane between what is conscious and subconscious. 

But to stay flexible. To have a gate in that membrane. A gate that is open for subconscious communication, and an ego who listens. 

This is a poem from my book, “Cried Out” which I wrote following my miscarriage and first episode of psychosis. Available on Amazon.

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