Root Chakra Spell Candle


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Spell candle for abolishing fear, insecurity, loneliness, and anger.

Red 100% beeswax sunbeam petite rose candle. For organic development.
Snail Shell – organic growth
Flame – purification
Laboradite – willingness to change
Moonstone – friendships, deep internal connections and healing
Solar Plexus incense blend- friendliness
dragons blood sage – undo ancestral trauma patterns of despiration, scarcity, and violence
clear quartz pyramid – proper direction
silver 4 leaf clover – luck of the divine may be upon my side.
Clove Oil- Grounding
Patchouli Oil – Grounding

“I am ready to release any and all thought patterns, memories, and behaviors that make me feel unsafe.”

“Lead me into trust, Lead me into sanctuary, Lead me into Love”

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