Forgiving a Bully


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This is the hardest thing 

Hopefully by the end of this poem

It shall be done. 

Unconditional forgiveness

Even for the most miserable of situations. 

I was a scholarly thing when I was young. 

I took some pride in my work. 

I mostly did it for works sake. 

When I got trophies as school

My mom put them on the piano. 

One day, full of pain

I took all those trophies and threw them away. 

Deep breath. 

I knew they hated me for it. 

Because I understood things they couldn’t.

They spread terrible lies about my beliefs. 

I don’t worship satan.

I won’t go to hell. 

I’m no better than you. 

I can see why my existence could be infuriating

For another young mind

Alike but so different. 

So close in proximity. 

So far in belief. 

I learned so much about pain. 

I learned so much about struggle. 

I learned what acceptance means through lack of it. 

Now I can forgive 

My personal bully. 

Because she put me through hell, 

But I learned from it. 

Now she’s a nurse and will help others. 

A tough job for a tough woman. 

I admire her strength. 

I admire how accepted she is. 

I wish her nothing but love.

Because at the end of the day, 

My life is good. 

And she is doing good work that needs to be done. 

2 responses to “Forgiving a Bully”

  1. danielpriorgijon Avatar

    Hi. I truly liked your poem.

    I am conducting a kind of an investigation on a Theologist Syncretism.

    Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Aesthetics, Ontology… Everything.

    (Or perhaps I’m just insane, I am noone to tell that.)

    Also, I’ve been in that very situation. Although I haven’t forgiven… Not fully at least.

    I would damage some of them if I could, which is one of the true definitions of hatred.

    Forgiveness bothers me. I do think it might be better to the victim, yet we all are different to each other.

    I do not think that God obligues all of us to forgive every single time for this very reason.

    Anyways, what I DO, have discovered, is that one can learn from everything. NO exceptions. And perhaps pain is the best master… If you survive.

    Although I also think you might knew most of this, if not all.

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    1. brigidfaye Avatar

      I survived, I’m still learning from the experience, and I’m stronger for it. Even bullies come into our lives for a reason


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