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Being labeled Gifted in school lead to many more trials and tribulations and stress than it should have. I was a good student, and like many, I was mentally “punished” for it. This was my experience in public schools, I’m hopeful that some programs are excellent for those children who fall on one end or the other of the Bell Curve.

 Being very good

At the things I touch

Makes it very hard

To find the one I want

Hard to find a partner

Because they all love me.

Hard to find a career

Because of all the recruiting.

Having so many options

Is highly overwhelming.

When we label someone “Gifted”

They need help too.

They need more than “extra work”

They also need extra Guidance.

There is so much I Could do.

Could will get me nowhere.

My Passion has been hi-jacked

Time and time again

Leaving a filthy traumatized husk

Where my passion should be.

SO much healing for me.

Has crawled in from the cracks.

I went searching like a Pilot Ant

To find the help I need.

Now I’m hunting like a Macoun Cat

For the next career.

My passions rediscovered.

Through Trauma Therapy Art.

No more Recruiters.

Only Guidance Counselors

For me.

One response to “Only Counselors For Me”

  1. Monch Weller Avatar
    Monch Weller

    Great post! Unfortunately, that’s one of the many harsh realities of public education — the curriculum is a one-size-fits-all program that fails to consider the unique attributes of every child.

    This quote I heard from one episode of “Boston Public” seemingly comes to mind: “We do not help kids one by one here; we serve masses.”

    (On a side note, thank you for following The Monching’s Guide!)

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