Love Poem to Self


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The only way to find a lover that I know of is to love yourself the way you want to be loved. The first an older poem, and I’m starting to follow my own directions, which manifests a partner fairly quickly. I wrote a version for 2022, because love is dynamic and always growing in new ways.

Love Poem to Self (2020)

I hear you’ve been pining 

for a lover. 

I can hear you singing 

sweet song of longing. 

Many have heard

your longings.

But I have understood. 

I know you want a better life 

in the kind of world that’s good to grow up in. 

I know you want someone by your side

in the way of a teammate, a soldier, a comrade. 

I’ll carry you when your feet are more blister than foot. 

I’ll hold you when you need an ugly cry. 

I’ll let you yell when you are angry. 

I’ll push you as hard as you can take so we can reach our goals. 

Self and higher self together

working for change.

With love all is real, 

if loving is knowing, 

well I know you. 

I know you love to sweat, 

how you love to hate hiding.

I know you are strong, 

but sometimes play stupid. 

I know you stink a little, 

and give all you got. 

Whatcha got?

you got skills babe. 

you got looks. 

you got work ethic.

you got a pure heart. 

you got a pure soul. 

you keep the lighthouse, 

so you’re always home.

This is a photo of my cousins and my sacred necklaces on a milk jug at my Grandparents’ home. The image speaks to the balance of a holy masculine and feminine.

Love Poem to Self (2022)

I love all of my reflections.

When I see myself I see a glowing facet

Of Source.

When I gaze into the mirror

For my makeup

It’s hard to color perfection.

For societal acceptance.

I love the lessons I’ve learned,

I’m ready to leave the hurt.

I’m ready for new patterns

I do not own myself.

I am owned by divine.

I inhabit myself,

And trade energy to shine.

I deserve the best,

For that is what I am.

I am elegance, and finery.

I am disciplined Love.

I know when to move

And when to stay.

When to laugh

And when to pray.

My prayers reach the heavens,

And rain down blessings for my love

I call into being

The best for myself.

Because I am always

What’s best for me.

There is no more shame, no more hiding.

I am brilliant.

I am clean.

I am in full view.

I am in love.

With whom I have become.

2 responses to “Love Poem to Self”

  1. foxrunfeelings Avatar

    Brigid, love both the poems today. Thanks for sharing.

    “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Vivien Greene


    Liked by 1 person

    1. brigidfaye Avatar

      Thank you Fox, and in the dancing we manifest better weather ❤️


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