Mentor Poetry


Written by:

I have stayed sane through a complex network of mentors around the country. They are all extremely different, but their commonality is that they see a greatness in me and want to help me propagate it. I have studied under a shaman, a lawyer, a priestess, and many academic teachers.

2022: My Mentors:

I want to say Thank you

To the Mentors in My Life.

To every single person

Who helped erase my Strife.

I walk a Winding Road.

Unlike any ever before.

My Mentors range in expertise.

Their only Commonality being me.

They see something special

And aren’t afraid of what they see.

There are two kinds of teachers I have found.

Those Threatened by my Crown

And those in awe of what I become.

A sponge for knowledge

A filter for truth

These talents I hold dear

On my bodily roof.

I’m in love with my future.

I’m in love with my past.

My Mentors always Guiding

And holding my chaos Fast.

I love you.

I’m sorry for leaving.

Please Forgive when I Outgrow.

Thank you for the Heart and Bow.

I chose this photo from my backstock to use for this poetry because it is the colors of passion. I am a passionate learner, and my mentors help me grow it, like a flower learning to bloom.


Students and Teachers: 

Students and teachers 

Thats all we are 

Signed up for life 

To learn 

To grow 

To develop

Some days I am teacher

Some days I am student

Most days I am both

Just playing around in this playground of life 

Play is how we learn 

Play is how we grow 

Play is how we develop 

We role play 

We play fight 

We play games 

We play secret

In this game of life 

The best part of all

It’s not a competition

Except maybe with past you 

To be better than you were the day before 

That is the pagan way 

As taught by the man 

Role playing my father 

To do what is right 

As taught by the woman 

Role playing my mother

To remember my strength 

As taught by the men 

Role playing my teachers 

To remember my kindness 

As taught by the women

Role playing my teachers 

And to always have fun! 

And to always study! 

As taught by myself 

Role playing the student 

I wonder what would happen

If all the men learned kindness

And all the women learned strength

What a playground we could have! 

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