Sights And Navigation


angles safeguarded

life’s transformations intense

best be well-equipped

Poem: Sights

What I see,

Is a path before me.

Needing chart tools

Chart is a map.  

Where the Sailors taught me

That Navigation is


Where a Father Taught me

That Precision is


Angels in Flesh

Have taught me how to read

Read the Stars for

The Human Path

Written in time

For anyone to see.

Vibrational Astrology

Each Chart a Map

How to Follow

Your Personal Ebb and Flow

Always a key

To learn how to Read.

A Chart,

A Path,

Through Angel Uriel

Always Teaching me.

**This Poem speaks to how I navigate my life. I follow the Guidance of Angels, God, and Goddess, to a T. Which makes reading the path a matter of finding all the keys. **

Photo From the Challenge Page here

4 thoughts on “Sights And Navigation

    1. It’s more like reading astrology charts gives me a framework to operate within. The coast guard taught me to read maps and it’s a similar concept, even the words chart and map are synonyms.

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