Full Moon Forecast 3.18.22


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Full Moon March 18, 2022:

This full moon is focused on realizing our idealist experiences though deep internal flows. There is an element of beautiful excitement that needs to be expressed and will be expressed subconsciously. If you are able to connect in with the deep and beautiful special soul level of this full moon, it will help you access the “big picture” that you are looking for. Things to do to help express this are to spend some creative time with a medium that allows different things that normally wouldn’t be combined to go together (Collages, different art utensils, uncommon music compositions). Spend some time making things “right” within yourself by working out, meditating, taking a bath, cleaning your space, journaling ect. Spending quality time with a lover is also a good way to focus and channel this energy. Maybe even scheduling an ideal experience, community gatherings will feel especially magical on this day, and there will be a natural flow to connect deeply with the very special core of yourself and others. Networking will be aided and coming into contact with people that match your frequency will be easier, almost compulsive. Look for the wonder in every moment, and then each progressing moment will seem even more amazing.

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