The Explanation of Riddles is a Riddle Itself 


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**Asking the right questions to spirit is how we find the answers we need**

How is a raven like a writing desk?

The author ties them together.

The spirit of the raven is felt by Poe. 

The spirit of the wood is felt by Poe. 

They are tied together by his words. 

What they have in common cannot be quite put into words. 

They share energy. 

They Give him the News.

The Sphynx is a keeper of riddles 

Think of a question you have always pondered 

You’ve gotten so close as to taste the answer 

But it dallies at the tip of your tongue 

To get your answer you must listen. 

If you can stay quiet enough, it will come to you. 

Once you have gotten an answer, 

And feel confident that you are correct.

Your heart may be weighed against a feather 

This is to determine the next riddle you will face.

This is to determine what next lesson must be learned. 

This is an uncomfortable process for most. 

If your heart is light 

The beetle will walk with you 

Through the gate of the moon and the sun 

And you will be led 

To acquisitions of knowledge of the universal sort.

If your heart is heavy

The beetle will walk with you 

Through the doors of your inner self 

To lead down into your soul 

And you will be led to acquire knowledge of yourself.   

I often get to know a person through chess. I approach the game as a way to “solve the riddle” of how they think and play.

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