Guided Morning Meditation

This is the meditation practice I have been using to ground, shield, center, and get ready for my day. I decided to try recording a guided meditation to share my practice with others who it might benefit.

Our breath is something that only exists in the now, we can ruminate on past breathing, or predict our future breaths, but we only have control over our breath now.

8 thoughts on “Guided Morning Meditation

      1. I was taught by my Apache friend in Texas how to meditate. I describe in some of my poetry. Took my worst days to learn how. I will describe on Friday. Johnnie baby-sitting my 16 month old grand-daughter today. Good morning from Michigan.

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      2. My Ojibwa tribes near don’t like to teach. The Apaches in the Texas desert. They loved to talk. They love to teach you great wisdom, if you paid attention dear Brigid.

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