20 Pieces of My Crystal Collection


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I use these crystals often in my daily practice for various things. I like them because they are beautiful. Because I believe in their power, they work well for me.

Clear Quartz in this shape directs healing in all directions.
Rose Quartz promotes healing on all levels, this shape means that is it healing my divine feminine wounds.
Smokey quartz point is excellent for clearing stored traumas.
Golden Healer Quartz I use for healing my resonance or aura.
Carnelian for confidence and passion.
Bloodstone for a healthy rebirth.
Peridot and Selenite for clearing my old leadership style.
Honey Calcite for a quick and clear mind.
Flourite for grounded dreams.
Staurolite to balance the third eye, heart, and root chakras. Called Fairy Crosses in folklore because it is said the Faye cried when Jesus Died.
Garnet for directing passion, stress relief, and grounding.
Pyrite for prosperity.
Lapis Lazouli for comfort in the afterlife, attuning to cycles and embracing loving deep change.
Soapstone for studies.
Bronzite for a strong will.
Calligraphy Jasper for studies.
Shungiite for deep and powerful clearing of old traumas and ancestral patterns.
Tigers eye, the first crystal I ever had. For awareness of surroundings.
Kambaba jasper to walk the best path on your journey.
Walnut Jasper to help us accomplish life’s daily, and often non-glamorous tasks.

6 responses to “20 Pieces of My Crystal Collection”

  1. johncoyote Avatar

    We would get along dear Brigid. I have been collecting stones for 50 years. I have a rock garden from the shiny stones of Port Huron. My grandchildren are collectors now.

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    1. brigidfaye Avatar

      They’re so beautiful to look at, not to mention the energy work that they do. I bet your collection is wonderful 🙂

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      1. johncoyote Avatar

        One day I will gather some of them and photo. I was station in Central and South America. The children would bring them to me for a dollar. Lake Huron, for some odd reason. When wet, shine like diamonds, the stones dear Brigid.

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      2. brigidfaye Avatar

        That sounds so beautiful, crystals gifted from children I believe are especially special.

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      3. johncoyote Avatar

        I agree dear Brigid. I was lucky. President Clinton sends me and my unit to tropical places to give the polio shots and worm pills. The children and the people were kind and generous.

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      4. brigidfaye Avatar

        You got lucky on your assignment, not everyone gets to do peace missions

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