Shameful no More

The topic of shame came up in my group therapies. I learned that Shame stems from core beliefs that are negative about ourselves. By talking about our shames we weaken them, by remaining silent, like we tend to do, their influence becomes stronger. In this work I release the shame of miscarriage and the shame of dropping out of college.

This featured photo is malachite, a stone for healing the heart. This piece is beautiful because the other side is a solid blanket of green, no patterns, a shielded heart. The side in the image is an open heart.

3 thoughts on “Shameful no More

  1. Dear Brigid. Women are the teachers of love. Without women. The world would be cold and harsh. Women are our grandmothers, our mother, our sisters and our daughters. They should be treated with care. You are amazing and beautiful my friend.

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