This is one from the archives, but pertinent to the work that I’m doing now. The takeaway is that the point of all this stuff is to learn, to grow, and to develop.

What is inner work?

Feeling your feelings

Honoring them  

Figuring out where they come from 

Analyzing your thoughts 

Is this a healthy thought?

If not 

Why am I having unhealthy thoughts.

What is causing my anger, pain, confusion?

How can I change my mindset to feel better?

Inner work is sitting with yourself 

Learning to love yourself as you are 

Balancing that with trying to change for the better.

Inner work is hard 

You may learn unpleasant things about yourself 

That only means there is room to grow. 

Thank goodness

Because if you were perfect there would be no point.

To live is to grow.

To live is to learn.

To live is to develop.

That is the point of life, 

Along with just being alive

So do not waste the life you have been given.

Always strive for improvement. 

Always do your inner work. 

The featured image is a butterfly I caught with a camera a few years ago. I love the development of a butterfly, because they aren’t born knowing how to fly, they learn, grow, and develop into it.

2 responses to “To Live”

  1. Weng Avatar

    I’ve been doing this and true enough, I’ve learned unpleasant things about myself. Thank you for sharing this.

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    1. brigidfaye Avatar

      It’s all a part of the process, we have to look, accept, and then work to change

      Liked by 1 person

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