Something just clicked 

Gracefully into place 

My mind will no longer race 

Well, at the same time it does 

Its racing with me now 

I guess thats the difference 

The thoughts that bubble up to the surface

Are helpful 

Not hurtful 

I sufficiently reprogramed

My mind 

To work for me 

There are still connections to be made 

But I can almost see them now 

My brain is a circuit board 

And I am the circus master 

The ego is like a traffic director 

This thought is helpful, give attention

This thought is not, dismissed 

And now I am in charge 

And my thoughts listen to me 

When I say third eye in the boat 

My subconscious listens 

When I say thats too much right now 

My higher self obeys 

When I say ground 

My inner child jumps to the task 

When I say I need guidance 

Granny comes to my aide 

And I know how to take care of myself 

Which means I know whats best 

When to rest 

When to eat 

When to zone out 

When to tune in 

That is the job of the ego 

And I do it well 

And I appreciate myself 

More than that

I love myself 

My growth and my progress

And I recognize my accomplishments 

It’s as if dawn broke through the sky 

And I am no longer walking blind 

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