Finding Truth in Finding Myself


Written by:

Compulsively searching

For what is true,

For what is I,

For what is beautiful,

For truth is beauty.

Restlessly knowing

That there’s more to know.

Restlessly swaying,

Restlessly running with the wind,

Knowing that I must lose myself

To find truth

Of what I Am.

For I am Not old constructs.

I am Not what I was formed into,

By unknowing human hands.

I am omnipotence, in human form.

This human form,

That adapts to the cultures she finds


This human form,

Who has a cutting mind,

Looking for beautiful truths,

That lay just behind

The construction.

The construction of a sentient being.

The construction of a human,

Who knows HerSelf.

All facets Included

In her daily life.

Running through the winds

Sure of Success.

Sure of self-development.

Sure that I will meet my goals.

For I can see what I signed up for.

I am willing

To channel my soul.

Been absent from posts for a few days, I was experiencing some writer’s block. This is my travelling altar.

This poem, the book I just finished (Echo Omnibus by Kent Wayne) and the Full Moon tomorrow are all culminating so well in my mind. Our lives are but wisps of smoke, our bodies simply decaying organic machines, our souls are our eternal truth until we merge once again with all that is, the truth, god, whatever. Much love my readers, I hope the full moon illuminates what you have made for yourself.

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