Day and Night


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On the Equinox I see

The golden light

Of the trees in their roots

Balanced with

The golden light in the leaves.

Once one sees, they believe.

On the Equinox, my scythe

Of harvest rests at my boots.

For this day I rest my fight,

And have chats with a tree.

The equinox is when the day and the night are both 12 hours long. The photo is from Sammi’s prompts number 21.

What I hint at in this poem is about how trees are sentient and can communicate. Spend enough time alone in the woods and you’ll understand what I mean. The other thing that I reference is the ability to see the golden prana, or life force, running through the trees. I first understood that the trees have light when, on the dark of the moon near the summer solstice, my Dad took me outside to show me that even though there was no celestial light, the trees for miles around were glowing. You can open up your perception to see the tree light at any time.

2 responses to “Day and Night”

  1. sammicoxwriter Avatar

    I love this poem, Brigid! 🙂


    1. brigidfaye Avatar

      Thank you Sammi, it’s how I grew up.


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