Lighting and Joy


Written by:

Lighting and Birth.

Pain and unexpected growth.

Chasing lightning,

No time for mirth.

That’s where I used to be,

Hiding from happy aspects

Of me.

Now I’m swimming in a joyous sea


Live, Grow, Develop

Is what I live by.

It’s easy to forget

That joy is a tie

Into Life.

Keeping vitality…

Joy is a crucial key.

Almost forgetting,

That joy is the door,

To the things of more,

Lightning and Birth.

The photo is from Sammi’s prompts number 22. Trees look like that after they get struck by lightning and keep growing.

I want to add that in my DBT therapies we learned about increasing pleasant experiences as a way to build resiliency. The way to survive a strike of inspiration, dark or light, is to have a solid vitality base. To have vitality you need passions, joy, and satisfaction.

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