No More

We can be friends,

But we are no longer lovers.

That’s because

I love myself the most.

I don’t want to feel bad

When I get off the phone.

I won’t condone

Self-made misery.

I am refusing to participate

In the illusion of suffering.

I was betting on our potential.

You didn’t meet me on my level,

And I won’t go down to yours.

8 thoughts on “No More

      1. I have always been a Gypsy till the children were born. Being a soldier, moving around every two-three year. Hard to become friends, maybe? You are welcome, dear Brigid.

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      2. Yes, I’ve moved a lot in my time too. I think the longest I have lived somewhere is two years. It does make it hard to stay friends, but phones are a blessing for that.

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      3. What you saw is saved in the sands of time. I’m going to post later today more about leaving things behind, I had a break-up today and am looking forward to your thoughts on it.

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