Values, Beliefs, and Boundaries based on the Zodiac

I value independence. I believe that I am Independent. I will not bend to another’s will.

I value growth. I believe that I embrace change. I will not become stagnant.

I value curiosity. I believe my reality is interesting. I will not stop investigating.

I value safety. I believe that I am safe. I will not put myself in danger.

I value self-development. I believe that I am successful. I will not go down to a lower level for anyone.

I value excellence. I believe I excel at what I put effort into. I will not be lazy.

I value balance. I believe I am balanced. I will not disrupt polarities.

I value intensity. I believe I am in flow. I will not sacrifice my focused flow.

I value adventure. I believe that life is a journey. I will not give into boredom.

I value objectivity. I believe I can look at things objectively. I will not react from my emotions.

I value friendship. I believe that I am friendly. I will not be anti-social.

I value creativity. I believe I have the power to create. I will not stop creating.  

3 thoughts on “Values, Beliefs, and Boundaries based on the Zodiac

  1. Hard to find people with same goals and dreams. In my Army days. I met the crazy one’s. Suicide boarding the sea and free climbing, we needed. Some drink also. We had the same value. Enjoy life and seek the beauty of nature. Today, I take my grandchildren on mystery trips dear Brigid. What I miss most is talking. Hello, my friend and it is snowing in Michigan today on 18 April.

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    1. Hello friend 🙂 It’s sunny and about 85 degrees in Florida today. I’ve been puzzling about what my values really are, and this is an exercise to feel some out. I know that I’ve overdone my value of adventure and put myself in danger. It’s a tricky thing to find balance.

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      1. Hello dear Brigid. I still test life and when we quit testing life. What do we do? I teach my grandchildren to free-climb the waterfalls and to free-fall into the lakes. Old wise saying. Be wild and young, as long as you can. You will be old for a long time. Don’t rush to the old age.

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