Writing on the Walls

I was talking to a wise Mr. Wizard yesterday and he told me that in life you are all alone in a white padded room writing on the walls. That writing is your reality. It was a metaphor that got to me. It inspired me to write in my notebook like I was writing on the walls literally and creating my reality. It was fun, here’s what it looks like.

To Mentor is not to shape. To mentor is to nurture. To nurture is not to overcrowd. To nurture is to support. To support is not to control. To support is to love without expectations.
To love is not to own. To love is to see. To see is not to expect. To see is to listen. To listen is not to interpret. To listen is to observe. To observe is to trust your senses.
I am surrounded by love. It runs through my DNA lovingly correcting my faults.
Communication in a beautiful fashion is my reality.
I can and do speak eloquently with love and forgiveness for all beings.
Expansive beauty and luxury and socializing well is my reality.
My relationships help form me into what and who I want to be. I let go of what does not serve my highest good.
All is pleasurable for me. No one can take my joy.

16 thoughts on “Writing on the Walls

  1. I love the free flow of words and thoughts dear Brigid. Maybe I will try to do one. love is someone, who will accept you the good or the bad days. Drink coffee with you and listen. Few real friends, we shall know.

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    1. It was a fun exercise! Writing big and in all caps was so satisfying. Love is so many things, the word seems inadequate for what it represents. I’m looking forward to having morning coffee with someone who listens and sees without expectations or judgements. I’ve actually been doing that lately with my Papa. So, I guess I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning 🙂

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