Responsibility and Boundaries


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I can know

That I do not like snow.

I value the sun,

And all its warmth.

Someone may ask

That I do a loathsome task,

Such as visit the cold.

I would harm me,

If I agree.

So, what must I do?

But set a boundary.

When I do this,

They go worse than tsk tsk,

And start spewing fire.

Oh I see that my desire,

Is not that of yours.

However, I will hold true,

And not let the dark side of you

Push me into the snow,

Which I find dreary

Especially when the wind might blow.


Thoughts on Responsibility:

Responsibility = Ability to respond appropriately.  

To respond appropriately (Correct Action) one must have a Correct Assessment of the situation.

To Correctly Assess a situation, one must have the Correct Perception of the situation.

Developing a Correct Perception involves taking off the blinders of judgement, denying reality, and having your internal values compass straight.

For example, someone is yelling at you because you set a boundary. To get a correct perception of the event, move into observer mode and describe what is happening. “The other is visibly upset” , “My body is responding with a quickened heartbeat”. Then it’s time to assess the situation. Validate where you and the other are coming from. They are upset because they aren’t used to me setting boundaries. What they are asking me to do goes against my values so I will not do it. Correct action would be reinforce the boundary with an easy manner. “I understand that you want me to do this, but I will not.”  

Perception = Observation

Assessment = logical, emotional, and wise-mind considerations

Action = Doing what is in your best interest, without harming others.**

I took these notes during a conversation but I’m not sure what the source material was to give credit. If I find out, I’ll add in the comments.

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