I have been running for a very long time. I love tests of endurance. And oh, my soul has taken advantage of that love. I have endured. My foundations shattered time and time again. No such thing as security, as safety. My old patterns are crumbling. I feel like I am bending. Every day, I awake a new being. In rest I compile my experiences. In rest I integrate. In waking hours I experience. In waking hours I create. I am creating my life anew. From bottom again. Healing is strange. I reach bottom often, but bottom gets better each time it comes around. I was groomed to be a good hoe. I’m tired of that role. It’s played out. In that space I learned how to receive God as he is, without judgment. In that space I learned that it’s okay for someone I love to just be someone I love. I see the path before me, no longer fucking lonely in the arms of a stranger. Yes. I can Receive. I know my Goddess. Yes. I can learn to send. I can meet my God.

 **An original piece of prose ** **Parts of spirituality often overlooked include the balancing of polarity. I am BiPolar. Clinically, extra polar. My masculine and feminine have been at war. Much like our collective has been at war. How do we end war? Radical Love. Radical Forgiveness. Radical Acceptance. Thank you for reading. **

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