I’ve never known a man

Not filled with rage.

I’ve been afraid of them,

Because we’re not on the same page.

The true expression of God

Lies within each of them.

The true expression of God

Is lost to pleasing their rod.

I’m looking no longer

For someone to accompany my life.

I’ve always been my own best friend.

The men just fear monger.

It’s not worth the time

Or the upsets in my mind.

When I say I’ll never have children,

You’d think I committed a crime.  

The crime is not mine.

I won’t bring life into the world

To beat or be beaten.

We all know

How the stories go.

So I’ll end with a sentence,

And that sentence is:


2 responses to “No”

  1. johncoyote Avatar

    Rage can be in us men and women; I have six sisters. I/2 Ojibwa and bad tempers. I had my father bad temper. The Army taught me to control dear Brigid. I believe dear friend. We need calm people and kind people to teach us. Anger lead to no-were. My dear Grandmother taught me. Can cure problem with sugar and honey. Anger and negative words can create separation only.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. brigidfaye Avatar

      You are right dear John, but expressing anger was something I could never do. In therapy we discussed healthy ways to express anger rather than letting it build up into an episode.


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