Getting deeper

Into my subconscious.

Into my unihipipili,

As the Hawaiians say.

The entity that operates on memory.

The entity that operates on ancestral patterns.

The inner child.

She is known to be wonderful, and beautiful, and creative, and strong.

She is known to me.

She calls me mommy.

I’m mothering myself.

On very deep levels.

Healing the patterns

That have been trapping our mothers and their mothers

For centuries.

Go deep.

Into the core

In meditation.

Find the pain

Find where the energy doesn’t flow.

Adjust your posture.

Know what is correct,

I love you

I’m sorry

Please Forgive me.

Thank you.

Blessed be.

Repeat that mantra

Where you would submit

To anyone.

You are not a slave.

The keys to your heart are within you.

Don’t let someone pull the strings

To keep you unwittingly




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