Bad Bitch


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Feeling like a whole snack.

I’ve got my confidence back.

Walking straight, walking tall,

I give everything my all.

Happy with the way I look,

Not quite an open book.

Keeping a cloud of mystery,

Around those near to me.

Full of bad bitch energy.

3 responses to “Bad Bitch”

  1. Ishmael Avatar

    Like quest protein chips or like little Debbie?


  2. Ronald Kirk House Avatar
    Ronald Kirk House

    I read Red and Bad Bitch back to back. You’re in the zone. My sleepy mind combined them into a single song with Bad Bitch as the lyrics, Red as the middle and a chorus of
    Bad bitch is back
    And her color is red
    Bad bitch is back
    And she’ll knock you dead

    My apologies for my tired mind messing with your beautiful poetry like that.

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    1. brigidfaye Avatar

      Lol that’s a good Mashup, I may end up singing it! This stuff is so not not my norm and I debated posting. I think it’s a good look though, and a song would integrate it.

      Liked by 1 person

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