Oh Em Gee


I am thoroughly

Full of vitality

Gym everyday

That’s where I play.

People think I’m Cray-zy

I’m not quite a lune

Just a little out of tune

Sometimes,. I go to the Boon-Docks

When I go to the docks

I throuw a couple Rocks

I say a prayer or three

And give a Rock to my tree.

Speaking of Rocks,

Rock back and forth

Feel the way your feet touch the floor.

Feels so good

To tap into Earth

And a flame, warming, a hearth.

If you know of what I speak

Then you might wanna peak

Left and right

To see who knows

And aren’t average Joes.

It’s just about grounding

Don’t mean to be sounding

To Vague.

And if the concept seems opaque

Make your body like a tree.

Listen to me.

From the tip of your crown

To the tips of your toes

Breathe in through your nose.

When your roots start to grow,

Pull them way down

To center.

Then center yourself.

Give all you got

To that beautiful thot,


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