Meeting an Angel


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I stared into the abyss of the night sky. I watched the terrible flames raise from the place that had been my hell for seven years. I pondered existence. I knew that the city had been built on the backs of those unwilling and unkind. I knew that sometime there would be divine justice. I just didn’t expect it to be in this lifetime. I raised my gaze from the smokey golden horizon to the depth of the night, in which the moon resided. She was a third quarter, Time for letting go. This is a helluva third quarter.

I started walking down the grassy knoll, seeking shelter in the woodlands for the night. My former life as a governess was over. I was free to be anything now. Free from indentured servitude. Free from the grips of my employer’s family and their tight mentality. Ready for adventure. Ready for a new life. I lowered my pack onto the damp leaf litter and assessed my assets.

One skinning knife

Line for traps

Iodine for water

Water canister


Plenty of Jewelry for trade

Extra cloak



I should be able to make it all the way to the south with a pack like this. I started a fire and laid out my bedroll. When I gazed up at the stars, an angel came to me. He had jet black hair and very pale skin. He was well groomed, and wore medieval armor. His wings were the length of a man, and white feathered. He had Ocean blue eyes. He spoke, “You have a new family to form. I replied, “What do you mean brother?” He looked to the side and said, “You’ll open your heart to the right people, and form a new family, a new network, for energy and information to be channeled.” I replied “Right, and where might I find them?” He said earnestly “On the road.” Easy enough I thought. So my position is only to wander for a while. Reading my thoughts, he spoke again, “Yes, wander and provide for yourself. Chat along the way.” I closed the conversation with, “Okay Uriel, see ya when I see ya.”

And that was the first time I met an angel in this lifetime. I remembered them from dreams my entire 19 years, but now to meet one. It warmed my heart.

I was ready for the path to come. I was steadfast in my servitude to the Goddess. I was ready for what the path may bring.

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  1. Ishmael Avatar

    Simply Beautiful.


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