Sage Green


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Sage green

Is most comforting to me.

It reminds me of the forest

Where I used to rest

And find refuge from

Those with extra-large thumbs.

In palmistry that means

That the ego has the reigns

And is running the show

Without regard for how it goes.

Sage green

Saving me from those

Who were very mean.

Retreating to the creeks

Where I do not feel meek

And staying there

Upwards of a week.

Alone in the woods

I really know I should

Be careful, be vigilant.

However, I do not regret

Being carefree

Free to be me

In the comfort of the trees.

4 responses to “Sage Green”

  1. Rasmus K. Robot Avatar
    Rasmus K. Robot

    I like the “not meek at the creeks for a week, and the sage comfort.” Lots of “e” sounds in green and everywhere. They say there’s a sage who played the blues so well that he blew away on a leaf to the blue-green ocean, was saved by a passing yacht and was served sage chicken and wine until a goddess in a sage dress with one red shoe appeared. But though he now has an aqua-blue sail boat empire, he always returns once a year for a three day tour to see sage brush in the desert and to see the sage forest again. Seems a wise thing.

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    1. brigidfaye Avatar

      Thank you 🙂 Beautiful story Rasmus, I had no idea. Sounds plausible even! Do you know the bards name so I can read about it?


      1. Rasmus K. Robot Avatar
        Rasmus K. Robot

        I just made it up now because I like blue-green and I thought that sage green is too dull for me. And I thought of all the meanings of “sage.” I don’t think I have sage on my spice shelf. I’d be curious to make something with it. Sometimes I start with random free association with words and puns to make poems. I haven’t made any sage poems yet. There was a movie called “The man with one red shoe.” (never saw it but heard the name once) [nothing to do with this really — just a random thought]

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      2. brigidfaye Avatar

        Gotcha, free association is brave

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