My Mystery

The mystery

Has guided me

To scenes of horror,

And places of great majesty.

For each place I’ve been guided

I’ve maintained propriety.

Even with anxiety,

I remain present for each breath.

Until I meet my death.

I remember mermaids

Saving me from fate.

To die that day was not my grace.

As remaining in scarcity

Or gluttony

Is not yours.

Take a nice tour

Around your shadow

Just behind your heart.

Look into that window

And even if it’s scary,

Do not turn your eye.

That’s a piece of you that you would let die.

How cruel to her to be forgotten.

The anger, the hurt, the fear,

All of it begets a tear.

And I cry

For our collective

That we cannot

Just let things die.

We will teeter on the edge

With too much fear of jumping from the ledge.

And I fear my luck

For it has run me amok.

Working on ritual time,

Things do align.

Working on ritual time,

Things do align.

Throughout the confusion

And into a fusion

Of spirit and mind

I bet we will find

The slice of mystery

Contain within each of thee.

And embrace the bounty

Of eternity.

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