If you find you’re a sinner

Which by birthright we

may claim,

Becoming better may be your aim.

to find a virtue is to

find a light against evil.

to practice virtuous acts is to

transmute karmic sin.

Not to mention, Virtue is

where Happiness begins.

Chastity- Proper sex done with the right person. Someone you love. Should feel like dying and going to Nirvana, refreshing and renewing. (2 cups sharing and being purified in the process.) Lust- Leaves one feeling drained and unhappy. (2 empty cups trying to take from the other)

Temperance- taking what you need and some of what you want, sharing in sobriety with others. Gluttony- Giving the body what it does not want or need. taking more than your share of resources, over-indulging.

Charity- similar to mercy. Giving forgiveness, love, and understanding to other people as well as the internal and divine self. Manifesting abundance in that process. Greed- Hoarding, Saving more than you need to the point of exclusion of others. Scarcity mindset. Judgement of others for being poor or lacking in some way.

Discipline- Doing the essential daily tasks needed to maintain a clean, comfortable, and safe environment. Sloth-Neglect of necessary daily action.

Patience- Accepting each moment exactly as it is. Radical acceptance. Inner serenity. Anger- Not accepting reality as it is. Attempting to chance what one cannot. Control issues.

Kindness- Practicing loving kindness involves wishing the best on oneself, one’s enemies, and the world in general. Envy- wishing to profit from the downfall of others. Not realizing the inherit wholeness of humankind.

Humility- Walking your personal path without being anything more or anything less than you actually are. Pride- Choosing to remain isolated by being inauthentic for a particular label as a means for an end. Not appreciating or respecting one’s inherent divinity.

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