What is Vibrational Astrology?


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Vibrational Astrology is a branch of Astrology that started in Gainesville, Florida, in the 1970s with David Cochrane. It is evidence-based astrology which means that the elements that we work with have been researched for accuracy through a large database, biographies, and client feedback. It is different that traditional or modern astrology in that it relies heavily on midpoint patterns, isotraps, harmonic charts, and aspects, rather than rulership’s, zodiac signs, or houses.

As a student of vibrational astrology, I have found it a useful tool to navigate life, make decisions, and discover who I am along my healing journey. It is an act of surrender to embrace those values found within my chart that I am naturally inclined towards. It is a joy to find that those values really do align with my sense of self. I feel fulfilled when I act in a way that validates my nature. The astrology chart acts as a map to lead the person to what makes them feel fulfilled.

As an intermediate student of astrology, I do exploratory readings of the natal chart, forecasting, astrocartography, and compatibility. I have a basic understanding of astronomy and the great spheres. I know how to work gently with clients, helping them understand their nature and encouraging them to be their authentic selves. I can do quick readings for parties or festivals, or more in-depth consultations such as relationship compatibility.

Astrology is a way for the universe to answer our questions through systematic logic. It is based in the notion that we are in a holographic, fractal reality. The very large things reflect the reality of the very small things, and every small piece of the whole contains the blueprint for the whole. Using this as a framework, the planets and asteroids are researched, and based on their positions and aspects to one another at the time of your first breath you establish an Initial Energetic Framework. This energetic framework can become damaged through trauma when we stop expressing our authentic selves and become sick. Healing our initial energy framework through mindful awareness of our innate tendencies is possible through Astrology and I have found that to be especially true with Vibrational Astrology because it recognizes an energetic level of expression. This energy may result in different behavioral patterns based on the individual. This accounts for Astrology’s tendency to be very accurate but also somewhat vague. The specific behaviors become clearer while discussing the energy pattern to the client, and from there the client is encouraged to move out of fear and into love-based and genuine expression.  

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