Personal Planets


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The moon is about our past and our history moving into the present. This is often in the form of emotions, memories, and feelings.

For example, if someone has a very strong moon and mars placement, such as on the ascendant, they would be very emotionally focused on achieving things in their friendships.

Conversely, if someone had moon and venus on the ascendant then they would be very focus on receiving things in their friendships.

So far I have discussed three very personal planets, the ones closest the Earth. These are the “corners of our reality” and help form the matrix in which we play, learn, grow, and develop. The moon: the past upon which the present is built. Mars: action. Venus: reception. With these three elements, the world of cause and effect runs smoothly.

A fourth personal planet, mercury can be considered and it is the planet of communication. The dreaded mercury retrograde is simply the reworking of our communication skills. Think of it as a software language update for the collective consciousness.

That’s awesome! With these few planets, we now have astrological “words” for history, action, reception, and communication. These words form sentences with real meaning based on how they are placed and aspected in someone’s natal chart.

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